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Identity Brief
The most important factor of a brand logo is that how attractive it is. It is designed, keeping in mind the buyers of the brand. This factor becomes extremely important when it comes to eatables, specially someting so heart melting like Icecreams. In the case of Momai Icecream logo, consideringthe range of buyers from kids to senior citizens, eye catching colours have been used to design the logo, in order to increase its attractiveness.

Whenever an eatable product is bought from the market, Expectations of its purity are at the foremost. People mostly buy products of the brands on which they can trust for its purity. Our product name is 'Momai Icecream'. Our brand name has been derived from the name of Goddess Momai, who is the symbol of purity and trust, thus building a trustworthy brand and fulfillingthe expectations of purity of our customers.

Underthe brand name you will find the line 'Chandubhai Icecream Wala'. It is because Shri Chandubhai Icecream Wala is in the market since 28 years satisfying customers with the best purity & quality of icecreams and We will continue to serve our customers with the same purity & quality of Icecreams in future also.

The Element
Talking about the logo, There is a Red dot on the top of the logo it show Cherry on the icecream cone, which shows that our customers are always on the top of priorityfor us.

The Slogan
Our Slogan is 'Taste of Happiness' simply means that it will bring happiness to the buyers and their family members. The taste of our Icecreams will bringadd sweetness to their happiness.

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About Our Logo
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