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Momai Trubs Ice Cream
We are always open to new flavour ideas and also offer a Premium Pack ice cream with different flavour service for weddings, private and corporate events and launch/press parties
Ingredients: Milk Solids, Sugar, Jelly , Fruit pulp/Juice, Nuts , Fruit, Cocoa Solids, Water, Liquid Glucose, Acidity Regulator and Stabilisers Contains Permitted Synthetic food colorsand artificial fruits falvouring substance.
750 ml Pack
Kulfi Nuts 750ml
Sundae 750ml
700 ml Tubs
Chocolate Chips
Cran Berry
Summer Cream
Winter Cream
500 ml Tubs
American Dryfruit 500 ml
Butter Scotch 500 ml
Chocolate Chips 500 ml
Cran Berry 500 ml
Fresh Sitafal 500 ml
Fruit Bonanza 500 ml
Honey Almond 500 ml
Kaju Draksh 500 ml
Summer Cream 500 ml
Winter Cream 500 ml
Premium Pack  
The exotic blend of premium ice cream combined with the satiating quantities!
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